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Privacy data :

Version in force as of 24/05/2018

PIERRE GUERIN gives great importance to the protection of your personal data.

With this policy, we wish to inform our partners ("You") of the resources implemented and the goals pursued with respect to the collection of your personal data, pursuant to the prevailing regulations in France and within the European Union.

This policy applies to all services offered by PIERRE GUERIN ("We"/"Us").

You may, at any time, contact Us at the following email address: privacy@pierreguerin.com

1. A few definitions

  • Personal Data or Personal Information

Personal Data or Personal Information means any information that will allow the direct or indirect identification of an individual.

  • Data Controller

A Data Controller means any person who determines the purposes and means of processing.

  • Sub-Contractor

A Sub-Contractor means any person who processes Personal Data on behalf of a Data Controller. This means a legal entity distinct from the Data Controller and which is subject to an obligation of security and confidentiality as to the Personal Data so as to assure the protection thereof.

The Sub-Contractor must be able to present sufficient guarantees as to the implementation of technical and organizational measures to demonstrate the protection of Personal Data.

  • Processing

Processing means any operation (or set thereof) performed on Personal Data, by any process whatsoever and particularly the collection, recording, organization, retention, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, utilization, communication through transmission, broadcast, or any other form in which said information is made available, compared or interconnected, as well as the locking, erasing, or destruction thereof.

Personal Data are collected by PIERRE GUERIN who is acting as a Data Controller.

2. Measures for the protection of your Personal Data

Personal Data are collected by PIERRE GUERIN who is acting as a Data Controller.

  • We are transparent:

As part of delivering our services, We may collect the following Personal Data:

- Your Contact information (first and last name)

- Your professional data (position, address, telephone number, email address)

- Any information collected via cookies when browsing our website

- Our communications (particularly email)

In most of these cases, collection of your Personal Data is necessary to answer your requests for information, requests for offers, and for the correct performance of your contracts, as applicable. When this is necessary, your consent will be requested.

  • What we collect is strictly necessary

We must collect your Personal Data to satisfy the following purposes.

- managing your requests for information

- managing your offers and orders

- managing the customer relationship such as conducting satisfaction surveys, managing claims and customer assistance;

- conducting prospecting activities (Newsletters and specialized information letters about our fields of activity via email)

  • We retain your data for the necessary time

We retain your Personal Data as long as necessary to accomplish the ends for which they were collected. We also retain your Personal Data for the retention period required by law, particularly as relates to commercial and civil matters.

  • Your Personal Data are confidential:

Your Personal Data are neither sold, nor rented, nor communicated to third parties.

In order to be able to perform the above-related processing, except when specifically refused by you, only our staff, the auditing departments, our sub-contractors (when necessary) shall have access to your Personal Data in keeping with their authorizations. They may also be communicated to any legally authorized authority (particularly in the case of a court order or right of communication)

  • We prioritise the security of your Personal Data:

Our internal measures:

We have a best-efforts obligation, as such, We inform You that We take, based on the state of available technology, organizational and technical measures appropriate to preserve the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your Personal Data and particularly, to prevent them from being corrupted, damaged, or accessed by any unauthorized third party.

You can contact Us for a presentation of these measures.

Our staff must comply with a confidentiality agreement through their employment contract and a computer policy attached to our company handbook. We also sensitize our staff to respect privacy and the security measures.

Our measures vis-à-vis our Sub-Contractors

When we make use of a Sub-Contractor, that party is subject to an obligation of security and confidentiality as to your Personal Data so as to assure the protection thereof. At any time, at our request, our Sub-Contractors must present sufficient guarantees as to the implementation of technical and organizational measures to prove the protection of your Personal Data.

Hosting locations:

Your Personal Data, except as permitted, shall be hosted in France and/or in the European Union.

In any case, We guarantee, in the event that your data is transferred out of the European Union, to implement all appropriate measures to ensure a sufficient level of protection of your data, such as:

• To privilege so-called "secure" countries, meaning those that offer a high level of protection to your Personal Data;

• To obtain security and confidentiality guarantees from Sub-Contractors by imposing strict contractual terms that reserve the right to regularly audit them.

We respect your rights:

Within the limits and reservations established by law, you have rights to the data about you (articles 15 to 20 of the GDPR). These rights are:

- the right to obtain the methods by which your data are processed;

- the right to access your data;

- the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data;

- the right to request the elimination of data that no longer need to be retained;

- the right to limit the processing of your data;

- the right to be notified of updates to your data;

- the right to portability of data that you have provided using automated processes;

- the right to object for due cause to the processing of your data, or simply to commercial prospecting.

To exercise these rights, you must prove your identity and make the request, by email, to privacy@pierreguerin.com

3. Cookies policy

Our websites use "cookies" which are small text files placed on your terminal for the purpose of operating websites and collecting information about online activity.

There are different types of cookies:

Cookies necessary for browsing

These cookies are indispensable to the operation of our websites and, specifically, allow access to secured areas such as your shopping cart, your account, etc. Without these cookies, it would be difficult to use the websites under normal conditions.

Analytics or performance cookies

These cookies allow Us to determine the use and performances of our websites, and to improve the operation thereof.